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Naomi Raines

Singing from the age of four, and writing from the age of seven, Naomi Raine has found it easiest to communicate the intricacies of life through lyrics and melodies.

Naomi Raine has always had a desire to minister to the needs of people who have been turned off to God and help ask and answer the burning questions in the hearts of people. Her strong desire to see the body of Christ united and operating in the power that was given to them fuels her relentless drive to continue making music that penetrates the heart and inspires a thirst to worship God in Spirit and in truth. Guitar in hand, Naomi Raine desires to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hopeless and spread the love of God through song.

Naomi Raine believes, unapologetically, that we should live to inspire others and love each other in order to engage them in a deeper knowledge of the Savior and our Father God.

For more information on booking Naomi for your next event, feel free to download the packet below.

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